Dr. Charles Webb


The vision for Freedom Practice Coaching started when Dr. Charles Webb discovered a practice model that allowed him to spend more 1-on-1 time with his patients, consistently experience better patient outcomes, and enjoy much higher profits. Most impressive is he found a way to do this on a 4-day work week, leaving plenty of options for family time.

Word spread quickly about this new model, and soon doctors from all backgrounds were contacting him asking for help. Many initially thought that there was something unique about Dr. Webb’s practice and somehow his systems wouldn’t apply to their practice. After testing out this new business model, they quickly saw better patient results and more profitability in their practice.

As much as he loved working directly with patients, Dr. Webb took this as a sign that there was another, bigger mission waiting for him, where he could help doctors to finally build that dream practice they imagined while they were in school.