Dalyn Miller

Founder & CEO, The Podcast Team

Recognizing the vitality and rapid expansion of new media in the early days of the re-emergence of podcasts, Dalyn and his team have built a recognizable presence as the go-to resource for top experts across multiple categories. Through strategic partnerships, they are now able to offer clients a full suite of turn-key streaming media services that enables them to leverage the power of the podcast for platform visibility and brand growth.

The Podcast Team is your premier digital media producing partner and podcast guest booking agency. The team is led by Dalyn Miller of Dalyn Miller Public Relations, an industry-leading PR agency celebrating more than a decade and a half in supporting and building globally recognized brands, promoting authors, experts, and entrepreneurs across multiple platforms, and placing clients with top media outlets in print, broadcast, and digital. Our leadership team each compliments your brand and your mission with a unique skillset and years of experience to provide you with the premier level of service you will find nowhere else within the industry. This is The Podcast Team @ Dalyn Miller PR